Harry car-coats working on current themes in the show

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Behind the dunes, the first solo performance of His car-coats over the last twenty years, is a ’real Hague presentation, ” in which the comedian tries to outline how his city has developed between 1950 and now. Car coats is the show, that he at the end of september for the first time will play, now to the writing.

Harry raincoats, car coats, will for the first time solo to see after more than twenty years

The first series of shows in the Royal Theatre in The Hague was within ten minutes sold out. In his personal presentation to come is expected to be much actual themes back. “My mother was a typical housewife, but very intelligent. She was the one that the culture within our family introduced. It has very developed when feminism became popular.”

Another theme is the Indian neighbor that he and his brother initially pestten because of its origin. “Until I learned that she played piano; then I found her suddenly great. She has a lot of for me means.” It should be a hopeful speech. “Everyone complains but all of that changes, that the Netherlands is the Netherlands not more. But if you shoot anything with it: The Hague is a city of many cultures and flavors, and has always been. We need all the shoulders and it is good together to harvest.”

’Always Dude’

The 66-year-old car-coats feels and calls himself still Dude, though he lives there since his 21st not more. “The love and work have taken me to other places in the debate: Groningen, Utrecht, the netherlands, Spain. But as soon as I was in The Hague am, I feel I’m home again. The language, the people, the sense of humor: that city has made me, that accent touch you never lose it. You will always remain a Dude, just like you always Dutchman remains, even if you already have twenty years of living in Spain.”

The comedian feels extremely honored that he is with his matinee Paul van Vliet, should follow a six-year long almost every Sunday in the Royal Theater stood. “In the past, I drove with my father along the street. Then, he told me: “There goes the queen to the stage look, here we come never.’ It was have been great if my parents would be able to know that I was now following in the footsteps of Paul van Vliet may resign.”

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