Grammatical mistakes Flemish media Monday central in Hautekiet

d7d8550f15ac8e8e9a3c98062a31108e - Grammatical mistakes Flemish media Monday central in Hautekiet

It was listener Noortje Damen, that in the minute of Hautekiet in the eponymous radio show the cat the bell aanbond. The lady in question will find that in the Flemish media a lot of language – and spelling mistakes pop up. It falls to her to read in the newspapers, that professionals who are working daily on language often massive write errors. A newspaper article or an online article with dt-errors, language and typos that literally be inherited from other websites to ensure this listener for a lot of annoyance. Sometimes it seems as if less and less attention is paid to language, both by the man in the street as well as by people who professionally are engaged in.

Presenter Jan Hautekiet called Friday in his program ‘Hautekiet’, every weekday from 9 to 10 pm on Radio 1 is broadcast on as many as possible to start looking for errors in newspapers and news websites. He also asks them to identify via Monday there about this topic already discussed more widely.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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