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Ghelamco warns: “Taxpayers risk saddled with far-reaching consequences Eurostadion”

ff51880b1fe5fe39873b1d6310c51d7b - Ghelamco warns: “Taxpayers risk saddled with far-reaching consequences Eurostadion”

Construction company Ghelamco warns Sunday, the city of Brussels to not just the lease on the car park C on to say. Before to decide, should the city all the consequences properly, it sounds in a press release. “The Brussels taxpayer risk otherwise saddled with far-reaching consequences of a thoughtless decision.”

News website Bruzz reported earlier this week that the city wants to get rid of the lease agreement with developer Ghelamco on the site that was chosen for the construction of the Eurostadion. Ghelamco obtained the lease for a symbolic euro for 99 years. The city wants to under that agreement from now Brussels because of the stadionperikelen from the boat, fell for the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 2020.

This would be the board even prepared legal steps to take, reported Bruzz. The issue comes tomorrow/Monday in the city council. Ships Alain Courtois wanted to comment on the news, only to say that he has no comment for the next city council.

“Ghelamco surprised at the intention of the city of Brussels to the long-term lease on car park C on to say. Especially since through the press, had learned to be, without prior consultation”, does the board of directors of Ghelamco Sunday. Ghelamco warns, and hence the city. “The lease agreement, and the indemnification of Brussels with regard to each consequence of the non-abolition of the buurtweg, require an active co-operation, including the duty to negotiate in good faith work together to seek solutions. As a builder, we expect that the city sticks with that.”

Ghelamco calls on the city to “constructive consultation” and defends once again to the stadium, even though the EC itself is not possible anymore. The obstacles for the stadium are not insurmountable, the construction company. Those obstacles “can and will geremedieerd be, and within the confines of the public bidding process of the city of Brussels”. Brussels must adhere to the rules, continues Ghelamco, which is legal certainty.

“Where to first against the clock, worked for UEFA2020, is now constructively and in good faith is a continuation of the worked out for and with the interested stakeholders to work together to executable ‘sustainable’ solution.” The schepencollege calls Monday to the city council a power of attorney “to the project Eurostadium not to continue”, learn how to the calendar.

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