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First Eurovisiesongfestivalwinnares died

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The Swiss schlagerzangeres Lys Assia died. She was in 1956 the first ever winner of the Eurovision song contest.

Lys Assia died Saturday at age 94 in a hospital in Zollikerberg in the canton of Zurich, the Swiss news agency SDA on the basis of its former secretary, Jean Eichenberger.

Assia won the Eurovision song contest in 1956 with the song ‘Refrain’. She is still the only Swiss singer that the festival has won. For the sake of completeness: if imports from Canada won Céline Dion in 1988 for the Alpine country.

Also in 1957 and 1958 should Assia the colors of her country to defend, and that she wanted to in 2012, once again, to the title of oldest participant ever in the prizes. But the then 87-year-old singer did not get through the preselection. The jury found for her song ‘not modern enough’. It was that year as guests of honour invited in Baku.

“We are very saddened by the news that Lys Assia’s death, the Grande Dame of Eurovision’, according to the organization of the Eurovision song contest. “She was our first winner in 1956 and a huge fan of the contest since then. The whole Eurovision family sends his support to her loved ones.’

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