Finally spotlight for Sabia Boulahrouz

b64d243e5bc274d7c3f85193bf49ea4f - Finally spotlight for Sabia Boulahrouz

They tried it already a while back, but did not come permanently back on tv. But there are suddenly new opportunities on the horizon for Sabia Boulahrouz, now they are participating in a German reality show.

It gave her some time, but now know they are sure of a place on the (German) tube

The German show Global Gladiators starts again and, as writes the German magazine Gala, Sabia Boulahrouz will also be participating. It replaces the German model Fiona Erdmann, who in the first instance would do. Previously went about Sabia in our neighbouring country still rumors that she is the new Bachelorette would be, but that took the edge off them. They would not like to be with multiple men want to flirt and also, actually, ’much too shy’, she let the magazine know.

Apparently they would prefer a sporting battle. In the second installment of the German reality show Global Gladiators eight well-known Germans to Thailand to all kinds of physical competitions to do it in two teams. They stay far away from the outside world in a converted container. After each episode one candidate from the losing team voted off. The uituitzendingen begin next summer.

It is the third time that the ex Rafael van der Vaart was again an attempt to do so on the tube – and thus in the spotlight – to appear. Last year she participated in the German series 6 Mutter, but she had to after one episode to drop out due to personal circumstances. Also, she was once seen in the tv show Promi Shopping Queen. Her upcoming appearance on tv pays off immediately, because the German magazine placed Sunday a ’sterrenportret’ of the now almost forgotten socialite. Now it is for her but hope that she is not after one episode already voted out.

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