Fathers Westvleteren let bierrel behind

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WESTVLETEREN – The Flemish fathers who has the exclusive trappist beer Westvleteren brew, have the hatchet with the Dutch supermarket chain Jan Linders buried. The Flemish broadcaster VRT is reporting that they have no legal steps, after the company had agreed to the trappist beer is not to sell.

Jan Linders sold recently to three hundred crates, to the consumer to get acquainted with this beautiful beer”. The abbey was very upset about. The famous beer is only available in limited quantities brewed. It is normally only on sale at the Sint-sixtus abbey itself, after a telephone booking. Customers get a maximum of two crates, and have two months to wait until their next order.

The supermarket chain had the beer to his own words, through ‘inkooppartners’ purchased. Almost all of the beers were within a day sold for 9,95 euros per bottle. At the abbey costs a whole crate with 24 bottles dark beer 40 euro, 1,66 euro per piece.


The fathers because of the ‘bierrel’ their booking system up to the light. Who’s online Westvleteren want to buy, be warned: ,,The customer is the final consumer.”

Jan Linders had already know that it is a one-off action was. ,,The sentiment that it is arise, we have probably underestimated”.

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