Facebook apologises in full-page ad in British zondagskranten

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Facebook has Sunday in a full-page ad in the British zondagskranten again apologies for the privacyschandaal around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. “We have a responsibility: to protect your data. If we do not succeed, we earn that isn’t, ” writes Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg.

Cambridge Analytica played a role in the election campaign of president Donald Trump and would personal information of tens of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen. Zuckerberg offered earlier this week, apologized in a post on the social networking websites. He announced a number of concrete measures that the social network will take to user to protect.

In the Facebookpost spoke to the ceo about a ‘breach of trust’ between the social network and its users. Zuckerberg does the same thing in an ad on the last page of the majority of the British zondagskranten. With almost the same words excuses the billionaire himself for the mistakes that the company made and announces he preventive measures.


For the European commissioner for consumer Rights, and Justice, Vera Jourova is not sufficient. “I expect further clarification from Facebook. To what extent are the European users approximately been affected”, asks the Czech in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

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