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Drama on movie set with Bruce Willis: a fireman comes to

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During the recordings of the new film with Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe, and Alec Baldwin is a firefighter for the life to come. The drama happened on the film set in New York.

The 37-year-old Michael Davidson died when he was a raging fire on the fire was in an empty jazz club that as a backdrop, was used. The fire originated in the basement. Because the slahtoffer much toxic smoke was inhaled, he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. There he died shortly before midnight. He leaves a wife and four young children. The filming of Motherless Brooklyn for an indefinite period of time shut down.

‘To our great sorrow, we learned that Michael Davidson has died’, says director Edward Norton in Variety. “The firemen of New York are undoubtedly the most courageous of them of the world. We were surprised to see how they are in the smoke is walked to ensure that everyone in security could be brought, and then fought the fire in an organisation, with risk for own life.”

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