Bommenlegger Austin calls himself a ’psychopath’ on sound recording

f0050dbd380543bd6a17e533691ac213 - Bommenlegger Austin calls himself a ’psychopath’ on sound recording

AUSTIN – The 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, the defendant of several pakketbommen in the American Austin, calls herself a ’psychopath’, but about his motive for the atrocities he lets nothing loose. That write the American media.

The 23-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt

Conditt had a recording of 25 minutes on his phone, which, according to sources shows that it is a ’sick individual’. “He called himself on that recording is a psychopath and showed no remorse. He wondered why he had no remorse felt for what he did,” said congresled Michael McCaul. The pictures give no sign of a possible racist motive.

According to some media lived Conditt in Austin and he is at home by his mother, raised and taught, and so not gone to school. In the attacks with exploding packets were two people killed and were six people injured.

The police came, the perpetrator on the track thanks to recordings from a security camera at a post office of FedEx. That is a white middle-aged man with a wig, hat, and gloves to see those two packets in question. After a chase blew Conditt themselves.

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