Beyoncé and Jay Z take kids on tour in cribs of gold

4553bddde15ecb81f62d1560a6751ecf - Beyoncé and Jay Z take kids on tour in cribs of gold

They are not only all together on tour, but Beyoncé and Jay Z take their three children with them. And they do that in style.

Beyoncé and Jay Z may be on tour, but everything for the children is arranged

According to Heat magazine, the two reisversies asked of the cribs for Rumi and Sir with 18-karat gold clad. “Bey is accustomed the best of everything and that they are now going on a journey, does not mean that they have the usual luxury specify,” said a source to Heat.

That also means: a dressing room for Beyoncé when the temperature is exactly 25 degrees, which is filled with scented candles that roses smell and a chef at hand. Jay Z also has his requirements; so there must be wherever he comes, suitcases full of Ace of Spades champagne available.


Then the twins: the gold-covered cribs should be within with pure silk. Of course there are nanny’s for the children: four for the six-year-old Blue Ivy and her not even one year old twin brother and sister. And now she’s with the family travel, the wealthy artists an extra-large security team need: six bodyguards to travel and at each hotel and concert will have extra security officers present.

Money is not the issue: they know that they walk in and as soon as the ticket sales for their second On-the-Run-tour tomorrow. The estimated revenue amounts to almost two hundred million dollars. And as the adept knows: “They can never be to careful, and will want to spend what is necessary in order to ensure that their children are safe.”

The two do on their world tour the Netherlands: on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 June, they may intervene in the Amsterdam ArenA.

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