Angela Groothuizen: ’Giel is really not a nasty guy’

5aff541ca93af6b2dc0d2b9453bafc78 - Angela Groothuizen: ’Giel is really not a nasty guy’

Angela Groothuizen has the Saturday night for Giel Beelen included when someone on Twitter as a ’bad man’ described. That is what he is according to Groothuizen not.

“Giel is really not a nasty man, on the contrary,” writes the RTL4-presenter and judge of It Takes 2 late on Saturday night, in response to a tweet about Giel Beelen. The last days is the radio dj under fire after he was a stripper on Tim Knol said about letting go during his performance in the studio and later falsely claimed that the two properly made would have. According to Angela Groothuizen was ’just not such a great action. A meek opinion, compared to responses from other CELEBRITIES on social media, whose opinions ranged from ’castration without anesthesia’ to ’off in the Oostvaardersplassen’.

Two days earlier, wrote to Angela, the action is already ignorance. “The djs have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to live on the radio is your thing to do as a musician. That’s really shit then a little bit before you babble.” They referred not only to the stripper that the action of Tim Knol disturbed, but also the man who, during the action of the Moon by Frank Dane his private parts showed, an action which had already by Tim Knol was rejected.

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