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Vandoorne disappointed after qualifying: “the points during the race are possible”

ef056626924f8be7b6bed933876dbb6b - Vandoorne disappointed after qualifying: "the points during the race are possible"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne qualified twelfth for the first race of the new F1 season. Of only disappointment is there but Vandoorne hopes during the race, his first points of the new season to achieve.

“We are a bit disappointed that we are not with both cars in Q3,” says Vandoorne back on the qualification. “It is really a pity because it looked yesterday during the training session on a dry track promising. What concerns us is there is a lot of work to do. The midfield is very close together and the other teams have improved a bit. We have to see where we lost ground.”

With an eleventh and twelfth time for Alonso and Vandoorne can McLaren and Vandoorne still in the points finish during the race. Apart from that, expect Vandoorne that the upcoming races still quite a bit of progress will be.

“There certainly was the potential to make today a good step forward but that chance we have missed. We, however, have a good benchmark. McLaren and Renault, not long together, so there are still quite a few things that we can develop. We know that we are through the season will improve, both as a team as well as our package, and I hope that we very soon will be able to show.”

Despite the fact that the qualification somewhat of a disappointment was Vandoorne for tomorrow a clear goal: his first points of the new season to achieve.

“Tomorrow during the race many things happen. It is difficult to get but usually there is during the first race of the season a lot of drama. Compared with the previous year, we are definitely better for it. Our racesnelheid seems to be promising and we should be ready for everything that happens. Also the weather can play an important role. We should also try to have a flawless race and out of trouble, trying to continue. Hopefully this way we will score.”

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