Van Marwijk noted that Australia was ‘still not’ ready for world cup

3f40ef09ba5abfd51f93be78b370a8e3 - Van Marwijk noted that Australia was 'still not' ready for world cup

Bert van Marwijk was given Friday evening the confirmation that Australia is still a long way to go, the high eyes throw at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The Dutchman went on his debut as coach of the Socceroos’ hard back in and against Norway.

“It was a day clearly that we are not there yet, not ready for it and that we need time for us as a team to develop further”, said Van Marwijk after the defeat for the camera of the Australian FOX Sports.

The WK-ganger was still early on lead, but thanks to a hattrick from Ola Kamara could the Norwegian audience in Oslo after ninety minutes of cheering and ran to the debut of Van Marwijk on a deception.

“A first match is always tricky, because we have advance also talked about,” said Van Marwijk. “We need each other to learn, also in terms of style of play. But we are still preparing, we are only at the beginning of our preparation.”

According to Van Marwijk played individual errors a large role in the Ullevaal Stadium. “That is a shame, because that has nothing to do with how you want to play. But in terms of game, we must also grow”, he stressed.

Nevertheless, it saw the former coach of Orange to a few bright spots. “Everybody is top motivated and want to become better, so that is positive. I love it only not to lose and 4-1 is just too big result.”


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