Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 12

4e2c8539f4bee2900157ea474f86fa0b - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 12

Seven singles are this week’s gig is over. That is the case for “Waiting for Margot” by Wim Soutaer. Steve Tielens and “Our café”, Garry Hagger with “High”, Danny Landelo and “Together with you”, “Till you love me again” by Bart Peeters, Stef Bos, with “Welcome” and “From now on, I’ll do anything what I want” by Hannelore Bedert.

With a nod to transgender Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck is Phil Kevin new in at 50 with “she Used to be Benny”. Steamboat has “Finally found a love” at 47. Metejoor we come “alone Together” at 31. 30 is for “When I go to him look” of Micha Marah. Q3 is the “Whoppa!” to 29. “Kifesh” of the SLM falls on 17 and is the second highest newcomer.

“Bam!” sings “’t Hof van Commerce, and now from 11 to 10 to climb. From 8 to 9 is “Yesterday” of The Spirit. 5 of 8 for Barbara Dex and “Where shall I go without you”. A nice jump, from 12 to 7 “Chef of the bunch,” Jan Paternoster. “The Wi-fi Song” by Bart Peeters loses four places and ends up at 6. From 6 to 5 climbs “the miracle” by Dana Winner. The “Tall trees” by Karen Damen stick to 4. Also Yevgueni, and “Never to nowhere” stuck on 3. The first success of For the Love of Music is already a fact, while the VTM-programme only on 10 april. Niels Destadsbader ends up with “Conquer me” from nowhere to number 2. This means that Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert now already for the tenth week continues on 1!

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