Temptation-Danielle: ’Mezdi had two other relationships’

36131ee26a965f3ab422b6c9b7198171 - Temptation-Danielle: ’Mezdi had two other relationships'

Although Mezdi in the Temptation Island-episode from last Thursday is still the teacher of morals uithing against co-participant, Tim, seems that he has in the past itself is not dirty, was of a slip, reveals Danielle (21).

In the program that affect her On Top and let a emotional Daniëlle know that Mezdi during their relationship there are still two other friends on idealism. “I don’t get it just don’t, and that touches me just really. How he one day can say how mad he is at me, and the other day can kissing with a girl he one day,” says the blonde from Heerenveen in tears, pointing at the images from Temptation Island.

By participating in the bold program, there is a cesspool it opened, as evidenced by the various messages (including photographs). The 21-year-old Danielle says: “Now I get to hear that he had two other relationships during our relationship.” On the question of Goedele what Mezdi his response is silent, he is in all languages.

Danielle claims to ’genuinely love him, despite what he does or has done, it is not known whether the couple are still together.

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