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Stromae surprised audience in Vorst Nationaal

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Stromae has Friday a ” made in Vorst Nationaal. The French rapper Orelsan invited him Friday night on the stage.

Making music is not currently the main activity of Paul Of Oats, but Friday night he was called again on a stage. The French rapper Orelsan, with whom Stromae has often worked with, invited his friend to join him during his sold out gig in Vorst Nationaal. And that was very much to the liking of the audience.

The two brought together ‘La pluie’, a song on the new album of the French rapper that Stromae has worked. That was earlier this month when the duo was spotted in the streets of Brussels, during the filming of a video for the song.


Énorme surprise! ? Stromae a rejoint OrelSan sur scène ce vendredi soir à Bruxelles pour chanter “La Pluie”! ??? Huge surprise! ? Stromae joined OrelSan on stage this Friday night in Brussels to sing “La Pluie”! ???

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Quelle belle soirée, merci @orelsan et @stromae ??#brussels #concert #stromae #orelsan

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Toujours autant de pluie chez moi ! #orelsan #stromae #lafêteestfinie

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