Russian internationals punished after visit to night club

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The Russian football federation, Roman Neustädter and Konstantin Rausch has a penalty given.

The Russian, Roman Neustädter is not only by the referee, but also its national union will be punished.

Both internationals were in the night from Friday to Saturday, after the lost friendly against Brazil, spotted in a nightclub in Moscow. Coach Stanislav Tsjertsjesov had his players dedicated to midnight back to the hotel.

Regulation violated

“With friends who are present during the competition were, we have eaten in a restaurant in Moscow,” say Neustädter (30) and Rausch (28) in a statement on the website of the Russian federation. “We have the requirement violated after midnight in a public place. We offer our apologies and accept the penalty.”

Neustädter continued against Brazil on the bench, full-Rausch was not at the clash. Both came in the past for Germany, but they have to Rus be naturalized. The host country of the upcoming world cup play Tuesday in St. Petersburg, a friendly against France.

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