Puigdemont: ‘Now, don’t give up just persevere’

0c072c0c09cc707e42200497a8f6dc98 - Puigdemont: ‘Now, don't give up just persevere’

Marketed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has a trooper responded to the new arrest warrant from the Spanish court. Also the Catalan parliament holds the leg stiff.

The Spanish Supreme court issued yesterday, new arrest warrants against Puigdemont and five other separatist Catalan politicians, who are currently staying abroad. Five Catalan politicians yesterday called on the trial in Madrid appeared, were promptly held.

Puigdemont visiting Finland, where he is yesterday in a speech at the university of Helsinki. “The Spanish government wants our ideas, beliefs, words and thoughts close. Values of freedom, democracy and tolerance are therefore under great pressure”, said the politician afterwards, in a statement. ‘Just therefore, is not now the time of define come, but just that of fortitude, perseverance and dignity.’

The separatists is rebellion blamed in Spain for up to thirty years in prison.


The Catalan parliament made Friday night have known anyway, continuing on with a meeting for Saturday mornings is planned, which will continue to be debated, the intended successor of Puigdemont. The obvious candidate remains Jordi Turull, despite the fact that he is one of the five Catalan politicians is that yesterday in Madrid, was arrested.

In several Catalan cities remained up to late yesterday night, after the issuance of the arrest warrants, very restless. The police estimates that in Barcelona around ten thousand protesters on the street. The protests were 24 people slightly wounded.

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