Pierre Bokma tackles big data traders to

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Pierre Bokma, Victor Löw, George of Char and Tom de Ket play the lead roles in #Niksteverbergen, the new representation of the collective of The Leaders. The fifth role is shared by Leopold Witte and Peter Drost.

Pierre Bokma

In #Niksteverbergen founds the company, the arrows on the traders in big data: the Facebooks, the Apples, Googles and Übers of this world. These companies have an unprecedented power and feel elevated above every law, according to the creators.

“The spectre of Orwells 1984 is now the disturbing reality,” they argue. “Facebook is under fire because they Cambridge Analytica a look only in the profiles of 50 million users, that without that they knew the most sensitive information about themselves prijsgaven. The Dutch government wants us to with the sleepwet even closer and larger in the monitor. And meanwhile, we, the innocent citizens, the most personal information willingly with the world,” said The Leaders.


Bokma played previously in the current theatre, with The Leaders and won for his starring role in The Casanova’s of the Number one Louis d’or, the major award for theatre makers from the Netherlands.

The show #Niksteverbergen is from January to June 2019 in the Dutch theaters, made manufacturer Bos theatre Productions, Saturday known. The tickets go in may start. The group this summer for three weeks to see in The Stadsschouwburg Utrecht where she during a short festival the last three performances of once again boosting.

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