Paul McCartney in March for Our Lives

b4285fb84f715ef7617715bcc0c1d322 - Paul McCartney in March for Our Lives

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of young people protesting against the barely controlled spread of firearms in the country. Also many celebrities have made their support given to the so-called March For Our Lives. In New York walked Paul McCartney.

The ex-Beatle was in the city, where his friend and fellow member of The Fab Four John Lennon in 1980, was shot and killed. “One of my best friends is killed by gun violence,” said McCartney against CNN. “And that’s what happened here, not far from it. This protest is very important for me.”

McCartney wore a T-shirt with the text ’we can end gun violence’. The Brit is one of the many celebrities that run in one of the many protest marches in the entire country are held.

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