New trend in easter egg country: the choco-avocado

3e3240750345a0915b86b409cca66513 - New trend in easter egg country: the choco-avocado

London – The avocado-craziness has reached a new peak. The British supermarket chain Waitrose has an easter egg in the form of an avocado at the market and it is already the fastest-selling chocolate egg in the history of the chain.

The giant avocado seems to be (in spite of the large) is bizarre much in the normal avocado.

That reports The Telegraph. The choco-avocado is about four times the size of the savoury version and weighs in at a whopping 250 grams. The ’shell’ and the ’pit’ are made of Belgian milk chocolate and the rest consists of (green) white chocolate.

The popular easter egg fly shops, and has been since Wednesday, online not more to obtain. In the meantime take photos of the product social media about.

Avocado madness

The avocado hype is obvious. Last month there was someone at the wedding asked using green gold.

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