Mother French hero felt disaster coming

5352b6325ab0b7bfcf7c34004e84357b - Mother French hero felt disaster coming

The LOWER – Arnaud Beltrame, the Frenchman who, since Friday, the hero of France, was, knew exactly that he believed death would find when he himself voluntarily left hostage. That set his excited family members.

“He was always so. Since birth, he gave everything for the fatherland”, says his mother. “When I heard the news, I knew for sure: it had to make him go.”

Beltrame ’swapped’ themselves in the supermarket for another woman. Eventually, he was by terrorist Redouane Lakdim in the neck shot, after he through his phone all of the security services live let listen in. As soon as the shots heard, stormed the building and could Lakdim be turned off. The death toll was limited to four.

“He would have said: I do my work, mother, that’s all,” says the mother of Beltrame in conversation with French radio station RTL. “He put his life in the sign of defending the homeland.”

According to his brother had Beltrame calculated that he would die. “He knew exactly with whom he was working. He has assessed only a small chance, but decided to give his life to strangers to save.”

That the whole of France, see him as a hero, understand the brother is actually. “If we have him not as a hero), then I don’t know what someone would have to do to deserve the name.”

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