Marlijn Weerdenburg would like Who is the Mole? present

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Now Art Rooijakkers switch from the NPO to RTL, is plenty of speculation as to who the popular Who Is The Mole? will present it. Marlijn Weerdenburg sets like a candidate, telling them to RTL.

Marlijn Weerdenburg

“Yes, of course I would want it. Everyone wants to Who Is The Mole? present yet?”, she responds. Especially the travel draws her to. The actress and presenter did it all at once to the game and picked when the final. An argument that pleads for her, she thinks. “I don’t understand the game and sit there all the way.”

A second argument: she is a woman. “I would like to find out if a woman presents. Angela Groothuizen began there ever, and when the men came. Then there must be now a woman.”

Her arguments and open competition in the RTL program to the contrary, they suspect that there is a ” long and wide a person is selected in one day’. That should be the name of Jan Versteegh, a lot of passing as a possible successor to Art Rooijakkers.

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