Marcel: ’BN’ers should as a child’

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Marcel Veenendaal wants his asset in the RTL-zangprogramma It Takes 2 all uninhibited like a child on the stage. Then there are forces loose which can help in the performances, the frontman of Di-rect.

V. l.n.r. Trijntje Oosterhuis, Marcel Veenendaal and Romy Monteiro attended the press day of the RTL 4 program It Takes 2 in Studio Baarn.

“I ask really to my candidates: pull an old photo album open of yourself. Look at your children’s photo’s because I want you to be that child brings,” says Marcel. “I want that open-mindedness to see that playfulness. Someone that is still unspoiled, still immaculate and still not pain is done.” Only then there can be “painted or gevingerverfd” be”, says the singer.

According to the singer the CELEBRITIES, all of which for the first time on television and sing a lot of power out of themselves wells by going back to their childhood. “I think the stage just as the box is with all the bubbles, boxes and mirrors. It is the perfect place to base yourself to enjoy. Enjoy is central.”


That do you think Romy Monteiro, who, like Marcel her debut as a professional in the It Takes 2. “This program is especially for enjoy on the stage, your heart, let it speak,” she says. Also Trijntje Oosterhuis, who for the third time as a pro, still has a good tip for the participants. “Don’t make it more complicated than it is. Just go shine more. Than you can people in their heart”, as she gives the other CELEBRITIES.

The three are secretly pretty fanatical, but a real game they are not. “Even if you are Human worse you are not playing, winning is fun,” says Marcel. “But in this context it is to win the highest achievable for the candidates. And that is for us as well.” Romy: “I think that we also already have won when you have a huge growth. If you get everything out of your candidate have to the fullest and that you really can be proud of.”

This season let Leo Alkemade, Jörgen Developing, Bert van Leeuwen, Mika van Leeuwen, Eva Cleven, Dionne Slagter, Evi Hanssen, Robin Martens and Marieke Elsinga the tv viewer get acquainted with their undiscovered singing talent. The first show is Saturday, broadcast on RTL 4. Then to see with whom Marcel, Romy and Trijntje the zangcompetitie conclusion.

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