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Is Max Verstappen this year world champion?

c2f27307cbf38559159d6697abc4b46f - Is Max Verstappen this year world champion?

Olav Mol will begin his 28th season as a formula 1 commentator. A preview of the new racejaar and a possible title for Max Verstappen.

1. Max Verstappen this year to be world champion?
“That’s a possibility. He’s sitting at one of the top teams and is the largest racetalent that the Netherlands has ever had. If he makes the first five races, good passes – and everything points to it – is the sky the limit. Max has everything: brutality, aanvalsdrift, youthfulness and anger if things go wrong. There the if of. Together with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel he is the big star of Formula 1.”

2. Where do you look further out this season?
“I expect that Ferrari and Red Bull more resistance it can offer to the mighty Mercedes. And by the new engine in the McLaren of former world champion Fernando Alonso, you have hopefully even four teams to the podium fight. I’d prefer a battle of the titans as seen in the past between Senna and Prost. If there is not one team hugely dominant. How nice would it be if we could go back to the situation of 2012, when the first seven races of different winners know?”

3. The popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands grows and grows. How to play Ziggo Sports on them?
“This season we open each Friday, the Formula 1 Café, so also in the weekends without a grand prix. Look, you can in a manner of speaking, every day of the week livevoetbal or tennis, but Formula 1 is only once in fourteen days and in winter not at all. While there among the fans, a huge eagerness. I have also advised with a private tour. That was a long wish of me and I find it great fun to do!”

Formula 1 grand prix, Australia, Sunday – ziggo sport • 7: 00 am

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