Irene Moors ’to bed’ with Joling and Kaandorp

927ca32fafe5a8f3c87db8fc2bd48ca9 - Irene Moors ’to bed’ with Joling and Kaandorp

Gerard Joling, Angela Groothuizen, Nick Painter and Brigitte Kaandorp at Irene Moors guest in her zaterdagavondprogramma To bed with Irene. Therein she feels famous people on the tooth while her audience is in bed.

The third season of To bed with Irene is from 21 april to see on SBS6 and consists of eight episodes. Gerard Joling is a good friend to Irene Moors. Irene taught Nick to know during the recordings of the programs are Talents without money, she tells in the News. “Then I thought ‘what an interesting guy this is’.”

Currently presents Irene for SBS6, the zaterdagavondshow Topper searches, in which The killers go looking for a new colleague for their show in the Amsterdam ArenA.

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