Invasion at Cambridge Analytica

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LONDON – The main British privacy watch dog has a raid done at the London offices of the company Cambridge Analytica, that the key feature of the informatieschandaal on Facebook. The company would data of fifty million Americans have abused to be a president Donald Trump with the power to help.

The judge has given permission for a raid in the headquarters of Cambridge Analytica in London. This is reported by news agency Reuters on the basis of eyewitnesses.

It would go to about twenty researchers that the offices in the centre of London within are gone. The regulator Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) briefly got already permission from a judge to raid to be able to do and had said swift action will be taken. The searches according to the ICO only part of a broader investigation into the case.

Databedrijf Cambridge Analytica would, without permission, personal data of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen in the United States. This is tried the voting behaviour of people to influence. Incidentally, stated a former employee of Cambridge Analytica, the British newspaper the Guardian that the company services has been granted to a group that said they were in favour of the brexit.

Also in the US and Israel is the scandal investigated. The abuse has to fierce criticism from the political and there is clarification required. Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg has apologized and improvement promised.

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