‘If this is not a heroic deed, then I do not know what a hero is’

a8ccfd801a62943703c04e27a78b39b7 - ‘If this is not a heroic deed, then I do not know what a hero is’

France mourns Arnaud Beltrame, the late agent, that Friday is free, the place of a hostage, took over during the hostage crisis in the French Lower.

‘Lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame has passed away. Died for the fatherland. France will never be heroism, courage and sacrifice be forgotten”, tweette the French minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb Saturday. Also, Emmanuel Macron expressed a tribute. The act testifies, the president of ‘exceptional coolness’ and ‘worthy of respect and admiration of the entire nation.

“He is gone as a hero, there are no other words for it,” says Cedric Beltrame, the brother of the lieutenant-colonel, to radio station RTL. ‘His deeds go far beyond his job description.’ Yet, according to his brother Arnaud is very aware that he is as good as no chance’, but that he ” is very aware of what he did, he has no second’s hesitation’.

He stresses that Betrame that heroic decision, consciously made. “He has his reflexes preserved, in particular by its gsm. If that’s not heroism, then I do not know what a hero is. Without hesitation, he has done what needed to be done. Thanks to him there are especially a lot of lives saved.”

Save people

The 45-year-old lieutenant-colonel of the police of France was one of the first on the spot when the incident in Trèbes. In the negotiations with gijzelnemer Radouane Lakdim, the agent immediately volunteered to take the place of a hostage, in the hope that way with danger for his own life other people to be able to save.

According to some French sources suggest the offender by that exchange even more victims have been released. While the agent in the store was, he had his cell phone turned on, so that his colleagues outside could follow what is all happening.

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