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Homeland 7: Carrie vs. Saul?

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The fans had a while to wait, but now begins really the seventh – and likely penultimate – season of Homeland. What happened again in the previous series and what can in the coming weeks we expect?

In the previous season, foiled Carrie (Claire Danes) an attack on the newly elected president Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel). The somewhat paranoid Keane had then two hundred employees of the security services to arrest, among whom Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), while Carrie had promised not to do this.

Saul is free

Meanwhile Carrie the access to the White House refused, and she lives with her daughter Franny with her sister Maggie. They put everything on the line for her 199 ex-colleagues as soon as possible to get free. 199, because Saul had himself in no time, úit his cell, and inside the White House talked. There, he started to work as a consultant for the service of National Security. The big question is: is he right in front of Carrie? In the aftermath of the arrests, the country is meanwhile objectified than ever. While Keane still more drastic measures, more and more Americans against their new president. Among them opruier Brett O’keefe, who is on the run, but still videos put on the internet.

More than ever

This season of Homeland seems to be back to closely on the current events. As an actor, Mandy Patinkin (Saul Berenson in the series) puts it: “The seventh season is a polaroid of the world in which we live.” For many female fans, there is finally some bad news: Peter Quinn, who at the end of season multiple times was shot, the bullets did not survive. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly confirmed actor Rupert Friend that his character does not return in the series: “Yeah, the nine lives are on. Unless Quinn comes back as a ghost, hallucination, or zombie.” That seems to us very unlikely.

Homeland, Saturday – NPO 3 • 20.20

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