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Gridpenalty for Valtteri Bottas after a heavy crash during qualifying, GP of Australia

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Valtteri Bottas will be a gridpenalty for the GP of Australia. The Fin made during the qualification a solid crash and sees by the gridpenalty the damage to move up.

It had to be the season in which Valtteri Bottas team-mate Lewis Hamilton wanted to challenge in the battle for the world title. That can of course still but the season is already not the best started.

Bottas crashed at the beginning of Q3 and Mercedes was severely damaged. The Fin was by his crash, of course, do not participate in the rest of the qualification and had to settle for the tenth time.

The car of Bottas was so desperately damaged that Mercedes confirmed that the gearbox of Bottas ‘ car swapped. Bottas, as a result, gridpenalty of five places and will be on the fifteenth place to leave.

“I feel generally good,” said Bottas after he returned from the medical centre at the circuit. “I started my first fast lap and used a little more of the job when I took the first turn left. I went a little too wide actually.”

“I think I’m simply too hard pushed, and in the first turn layers of the kerbstones still wet. I was surprised that they were still wet by the rain earlier in the day had fallen. I lost the back of the car, and I tried to correct but it all went very fast. I could do nothing and hit the wall at the exit of the second bend.”

“It is very unfortunate and I find it particularly unfortunate for the team. They gave me a very competitive car,” concluded Bottas.

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