Glennis Grace: ’Indescribable night’

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“It was indescribable,” says Glennis Grace on the celebration of five years Ladies of Soul in a sold out Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Candy Dulfer, Glennis Grace, Berget Lewis and Edsilia Rombley during a 5 Year Aniversary Edition of Ladies of Soul in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, netherlands.

“We work every year hard on the new show, but you can still find so much to invent, so much to rehearse, you know if it works if that room is full,” says Glennis on behalf of the other ladies Edsilia Rombley, Berget Lewis and Candy Dulfer. “If people are so enjoy the show, so from their roof. Than it is for us to be successful. It’s a party. Each year.”

Guest performances were from JT Taylor, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Leona Philippo, Kimberly and DJ Wilma. The former frontman of Kool & The Gang sang his hit single Celebration together with the ladies. The audience went also back to the days of yesteryear with his hits, Fresh, Get Down On It and of course Ladies Night.

Edsilia Rombley showed what she has learned from Dance Dance Dance to the swinging song All For You. The Ladies of Soul are Saturday night again in the Ziggo Dome.

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