Frank Dane claims to be ’not busy’, with follow-up Edwin Evers

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Frank Dane hold for the time being, ’not busy’, with the follow-up Edwin Evers. He said that Friday night against RTL.

Frank Dane would like to Evers to follow, but it keeps him busy on the day that Evers are departure announcing

When during the day the news was known that Edwin Evers after more than two decades, will stop its daily ochtendshow, responded Frank Dane, has been a solid replacement for the popular dj, be careful on the news. “I do not have today, something like this:” Oh, there comes a spot, and maybe I was going to do. So it doesn’t feel. I am really grown up with Edwin. It feels a little bit today as if such era will come to an end. I am more doing this than I well per se I’m busy or something.”, he said.

His assertion seems to contradict his attitude in an interview that Dane a few weeks ago with the highly acclaimed dj loved when a Golden Harp won. “If you’re going to ever stop, then, who is your perfect successor?”, early Dane was the old situation. Edwin Evers bite not the bait. “That is not there”, said the popular dj ad rem.


In that interview alluded Evers is already on a ’pension’. He showed that he Dane flawlessly realized when he then asked if the Golden Harp now, as an award felt. “He is just my place to aces”, he joked.

Dane mentioned earlier, once his dream to Edwin Evers: “I may be the program to do when he is not there. I can dream.” According to radio dj Jeroen van Inkel would Frank an ideal successor. “There is no one else that could. He is now also known from television. That is also an important aspect to be successful on the radio.”

’Gearing up’

Also Dave Minneboo, programme director of the radiobedrijf, had in december last year during a radiopodcast know Frank Dane ’really ready’, in anticipation of a possible departure of Evers. “That is, of course, one of the candidates that would be able to do. But it’s important also yes.”

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