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Formula 1 gets her own Netflix series

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Formula 1 has today let us know that there is a Netflix series about the sport is made. The series about the Formula 1 this year is canned and will be available for the subscribers of Netflix will appear as being one of the many ‘Netflix original series’.

In addition to the classic film crew will be there this year, a film crew of Netflix in the Formula 1 around. The film crew will have a few key figures from the Formula 1 track and also the ins and outs from the F1 paddock extensive in.

None other than Academy award-winner James Gay Rees, known from the documentary ‘Senna’, about the life of the eponymous F1-pilot, the series about the Formula 1 to produce.

For the making of the series, Netflix a never-earlier-seen and exclusive access to not only the riders, teambazen and key members of the F1, but also on and around the circuit and the F1 paddock.

“Formula 1 is a global sport that is active in the repositioning of a motorsportbedrijf to a brand in the media and entertainment,” said Sean Bratches, the commercial director of Formula 1.

“The agreement with Netflix will make for a fascinating story sure where will be shown what happens during an F1 season, all happening behind the scenes. It is something that the fans of the sport have never seen.”

The Netflix series about the Formula 1 will have ten episodes to count and will appear in the course of 2019

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