Five years Ladies of Soul smiling celebrated

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The gelegenheidsgroep lost Trijntje Oosterhuis en route to their five-year anniversary Friday night. But Glennis Grace, Berget Lewis, Edsilia Rombley and Candy Dulfer are the Ladies of Soul enough, saw a packed Ziggo Dome.

Candy Dulfer, Glennis Grace, Berget Lewis and Edsilia Rombley during a 5 Year Aniversary Edition of Ladies of Soul in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, netherlands.

Certainly, with four at the same time, the remaining ladies have a impressively strong quartet. A well-oiled machine that is her vocal equal in the Netherlands, we dare even to say. And without Trijntje, who before her solo career chose (and only guest), there was more spotlight on others.

As said before, there is quite some expertise and experience with each other. So there is the experienced, always cheerful Rombley, the classic soulpowerstem of Lewis, the world-class Grace and Candy, of course, on her sax is still better for the day than in terms of voice. But still: pure luxury that these women year in, year out together a few evenings Ladies of Soul transfer. And the pleasure that accompanied splashed there Friday just as from to the first time, five years ago.


,,A big party”, had the four for Ziggo Dome in store, according to Glennis Grace. After that the four perky and broadly grinning on the stage paraded during Ain’t no other man (original: Christina Aguilera). The beginning of a colourful evening full of well-known soul-, disco – and funkklassiekers. This fine, not too many bells and whistles on the stage, in fact not more occupied than a dressed-orchestra pit, a video display and a lopertje to a mini-stage in the audience. All the attention as usual during these shows for the music and the, mostly, female singers.

Mostly yes, because it was not only ‘ladies’ this year. There were guest appearances for Trijntje, a steengoeie and passionate old, The Voice winner, Leona Philippo (back after her contribution to the first edition) and for The Voice semi-finalist Kimberly Maasdamme, which is so powerful and beautiful first meters made. But guest of honour was JT Taylor, who for ten years discokoningen Kool & The Gang-leader. The American is now 64, sounded at times also, but looked like a sleek, young god! Fresh, as they call it…


At the start of the show were the highlights of the past four years, Ladies of Soul even briefly mentioned on the big video screen, which mainly Oleta Adam’s presence last year in memory something like climbing the mont ventoux. This year came in the first place Glennis Grace’s performance of Whitney’s Houston Didn’t we almost have it all. A cathedral of a song that the Amsterdam once again showed to hear that the adjacent AFAS Live this fall for two very special evenings, as they solo on the tributetoer. And secondly, it is that solid impression of this Trijntjeloze set soul-, disco – and funkdiva. For a while, together and totally in their element, smiling from ear to ear.

Tonight there will be a show place.

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