FC Twente ignores discontent: Verbeek makes season

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Although three-quarters of the FC Twente-selection no longer shows in the cooperation with trainer Gertjan Verbeek, the management of the hekkensluiter in the Premier league decided to up the trainer to maintain. “We’re going to finish the season with the current staff, late general manager Erik Velderman know.

FC Twente-coach Gertjan Verbeek

The long-simmering discontent about Verbeek in the selection and begeleidingsstaf led this week to a variety of formal and informal conversations. A spelersdelegatie knocked on Velderman. “It is true that there are players with me. I do not deny that there is spoken about how things the last time are gone, but that is not only focused on the trainer. One of the things that is mentioned is that the players are worried about the future of the club. So I told them that that is not necessary and that they are on the football are able to concentrate.”

New York minute

Verbeek is only on for three quarters of the players, who are dissatisfied with the atmosphere at the workplace and by Verbeek made tactical choices. Despite the critical situation which the club finds itself, see the FC Twente-management no reason to after the resignation of trainer Rene Hake for the second time this season, the rigorous intervention. In the eyes of Velderman, the club would benefit from rest. “If I would think that a trainerswissel to result, than we would in a New York minute to do, but we do not think that is the key. The position of the trainer is for us not an issue. We are confident that the staff and the players will do to this season to a good end.”

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