Etna slips slowly towards the sea

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PALERMO – The most active volcano of Europe, Etna, is sliding very slowly towards the sea. According to scientists, slide the mountain on the Italian island of Sicily 14 millimeters per year to the Mediterranean Sea.

Just two years ago threw up the most active volcano in Europe, such a puff.

The geophysicist / vulcano specialist, John Murray studies the volcano for more than thirty years, with the last eleven years the exact position of the Etna were measured. The volcano is sliding on a slight slope, he told the BBC.

The shift (1.40 meters in a century) is very small, but could eventually have major consequences. The side of the volcano at the bottom of the slope could fail, causing large landslides can occur. According to the geophysicist / vulcano specialist, however, it may still thousands of years before the Etna that critical stage is reached.

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