English bond condemns riots in Amsterdam

ddbed9b88d6adc4621e405498f8f519b - English bond condemns riots in Amsterdam

The English football association FA has the riots in Amsterdam around the friendly between the Orange and the uk condemned.

The police must intervene in Amsterdam.

About one hundred Brits were Friday in the capital picked up, especially because of disturbance of public order. They are almost all with a fine bag sent back to the other side of the North sea.

“We condemn the unacceptable events in Amsterdam,” said the FA in a statement. “In the run-up to this race we have the supporters again called on our host country to respect and in a responsible way to behave.” Along with the special football section of the British police going to the national bond the rioters identify and punish.

An estimated five thousand English football fans were to Amsterdam. Their country won the friendly against the Dutch national team with 1-0.

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