Elon Musk’s 72-year-old father has a baby with stepdaughter

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With the out come of a familieschandaal seems suddenly clear why Elon Musk recently so hostile about his father. The 72-year-old man shows the father of a ten month old baby that he got from his stepdaughter. That tells the Mirror.

Elon Musk calls his father ’a horrible person’

Errol described his father recently in an interview with Rollin Stone if ’such a horrible man, you have no idea’. He showed his anger during the conversation the reins. “My father has a well thought-out plan of the evil that he still wants to run. Almost all the bad things you can think of, he has done. It is so horrible, you can’t believe.”

His father Errol responded last week on these statements in the Mail on Sunday with the comment that his son, once an adult had to be. He suspects that his son refers to the fact that once he was acquitted of manslaughter, after three men had been shot in his house had been burgled.

DNA test

Also would Elon do not feel happy that he father a baby with his thirty years girlfriend, model Jana Bezuidenhout, who ever his stepdaughter and that he would know from her fourth. Errol: “I have gently insisted on a DNA test to make sure that he is of me. I love my Ellioth Rush, although his arrival is not planned.” Jana is the daughter of his ex-wife Heather and did everything to make this scandal out of the press.

Although the two eighteen years, were married and together have two children got – Alexandra and Asha, better known as Ali and Rose -says Errol that he and Heather barely remembered and her would not recognize her on the street would encounter. Errol has been married four times and divorced.


Elon grew up with his father, with his younger brother Kimbal, and younger sister Tosca, after his father divorced his mother, Maye. He is also been married three times, including two times with the British actress Talulah Riley.

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