Dost sighs: “When Sporting, it is very different’

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Bas Dost had so planned to in the friendly international match against England at last to show that he was also in the shirt of Orange can achieve. “But I think I can do more than I’ve shown you”, he had to re-acknowledge.

Bas Dost in the shirt of Oranje during the friendly against England.

Dost with Sporting Portugal or Orange, it remains a world of difference. At his club he came last season to 34 competitietreffers and he is now already on a total of 23. After four basisplaatsen and fourteen games, to score is the striker in the Dutch national team still has not progressed further than a single goal.

“Sporting is very different,” says Dost. “There you will train every day with each other, and I use a lot of opportunities. Expect that the people of me here also. But there are not very many good crosses for me. Yet, I have opportunities had”, that he meant, especially on his header off a corner kick from Memphis Depay. “But I let it lie and not exploited.”

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