Debutant Hateboer: ‘Sneijder, Robben or Hateboer is a big difference’

7842ae0ad051b5052f1dfbab793b963a - Debutant Hateboer: 'Sneijder, Robben or Hateboer is a big difference'

Hans Hateboer is happy about his debut Friday in the Dutch national team, already aware of the play that the practice duel with England (0-1 loss) is not the best match was to make his Orange debut.

“I think that, for the neutral observer wasn’t any fun to watch. And perhaps for no one,” said Hateboer, that the ninety-minute perfect in the Arena. “But that is to explain. We are here partly with a new team and in a new system, that needs time.”

The 24-year-old defender from Atalanta Bergamo had to be in the 3-4-3 system of the new coach Ronald Koeman almost the entire right side cover.

“I think the defense went well, and that is also the positive point of the evening. But once we have the ball, we made that back in and then it was running. That took a lot of energy.”

“Or that a lack of quality? For a part, perhaps, though it is also used to the system. But we are not in a situation that we eleven supporting players in the top of Europe. Robben, Sneijder or Hateboer is a big difference. Therefore, we play differently now.”


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