British media: ’Dost cheap version of Crouch’

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The British newspapers were Saturday united after won the international game with the Netherlands (0-1). Suddenly, they understood why Orange in Russia for the second time in a row missing out on one final tournament. An overview.

“Bas Dost is a cheap version of Peter Crouch, with less kopkracht and less passion.”

The Mirror

“The Dutch team is in a depression. It is so deeply sunk that it is after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2016 now has failed to qualify for the world cup in Russia. And that is a disgrace. The looks also not that it will soon be better. In the illustrious past had the Netherlands about legendary players like Johan Cruyff, Johan Neeskens, Johnny Rep, Ruud Gullit, Dennis Bergkamp, Marco van Basten and Ruud van Nistelrooy. But at this time, as compared with the Orange – see the future of English football really florissant. Coach Ronald Koeman, himself an Orange icon, for a heavy task. The current team is clearly the worst in the recent history of Dutch football.”

“Coach Ronald Koeman faces an uphill task.”

The Guardian

“It was 49 years ago that England last triumphed in Amsterdam. That was the year that mankind first set foot on the moon. Coach Gareth Southgate and his men may be satisfied. It is after such a long time without a victory is inappropriate to say that this Orange is the worst in years, but it is clear that a victory over the Netherlands is not worth so much more as first. Especially after peace, when England began to adapt, it became clear why Orange has not managed to qualify for the world cup.”

Memphis Depay managed to get it Friday, not in to a haunting impression behind.

Daily Mail

“It is clear that the current Orange not to be in the vicinity of the old one. Coach Ronald Koeman must be wondering where the famous talents in the past there always were, are preserved. The netherlands has an everyday team. Bas Dost is a cheap version of Peter Crouch, with less kopkracht and less passion. After Orange up close in action, to have seen, it is now clear why they for the second time in a row a final tournament to miss. Memphis Depay, Quincy Promes, and Dost not inspire and Patrick of Bolted is a great professional, but is not normally a player in the Dutch team expected. It was sad to viscous game, and the lack of ideas to contemplate. The English team, an average team, built better than the Netherlands and played with a lot more confidence.”

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