Amber Rose and 21 Savage apart

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Amber Rose and rapper 21 Savage are only out of each other. Amber sees itself however not as a single, she told in the radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood. TMZ posted the interview on the website.

21 Savage, and Amber Rose in september 2017, when there were no obstacles to the air.

On the question of whether they are single, replied the 34-year-old model that they themselves have not yet as a single want to call because she still is in love with the rapper. They think each and every day with him, she told him. “For me, this means a single that I have a need to go out to find someone else. That is not the case. My heart is still with him. Hopefully we get there together, and otherwise we continue to hopefully friends.”

Already a number of weeks there were rumours that the relationship of Amber Rose and 21 Savage. The 25-year-old rapper and the model were on since June last year. About the reason for the breakup said Amber Rose: “A relationship is difficult and famous and have a relationship is even harder.”

The glamourmodel has a son from her previous relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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