Youtube deletes channels that guns promote

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Video site Youtube has the last few days active work is made of the removal of videos in which the use of firearms is glorified. The creators of a number of channels to react furiously. One channel even take the drastic decision to switch to porn site Pornhub.

Since the shooting at a school in Florida is the gun lobby is strong under pressure. Also Youtube seems to now be more stringent to act. A recent modification of the terms of use states that it is not allowed to have a video to publish with the aim firearms to sell, both directly and indirectly. Also tips on how to firearms or to build his from the evil.

The measure has severe consequences for a number of channels with thousands of followers. So are all of the videos from Spike’s Tactical was removed. In a response speak to the creators of an attempt to have us silenced.” “That we fucking pissed is an understatement,’ is heard on their facebook page.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s fear by the new rules 200.000 viewers to lose. according to the organization, is the measure ‘of particular concern’ because ‘educational content’ is likely to disappear.

The creators of InRange TV go one step further. So they chose a channel on porn site Pornhub. According to InRange TV has that site have a history as a ‘proactive voice in the online community’. They prices Pornhub as a community of ‘open and non-judging in terms of controversial content’. The youtube channel of Inrange is, however, yet to watch, but the creators receive no advertising revenue.

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