Woman demands 10 million from Russell Simmons

cec12bb63c16b37a157e36395456edd7 - Woman demands 10 million from Russell Simmons

A woman who claims to have been raped by Russell Simmons demands 10 million dollars from the music producer. This appears from court documents that the California woman on Friday brought in the court of Los Angeles, reports Daily Mail.

The woman says that she and her son had to go to a concert with hip-hop acts, where she is the co-founder of Def Jam Records against the body ran. He invited her to behind the scenes the artists to meet. Now it was time for them to an afterparty in a hotel. The son was at a babysitter to be found.

Simmons asked her to go to his hotel room. She was reluctant, but Simmons reassured her and explained to her that he was already a well-known model to date. Once in the room he would the woman on the bed have thrown and have her raped. A witness saw the victim in tears the hotel room to leave.

In the past few months came multiple stories of women who Simmons accused of sexual abuse. He denies that he women would have been abused and raped.

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