Wim Lybaert is going to Columbus after

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In The Columbus attracts Wim Lybaert, each week, from a well-known guest, in search of the good life on the road. They are moving with a mobile home converted bus: the Columbus. That is called, not coincidentally, so because Wim and his guest know as the explorer or not they reach their final destination.

Even more: they know in advance even what that destination is. That is decided by chance. They go without a plan the world in and pushing a week on ‘pause’. In each other’s company they can enjoy free time really is free. By doing things together and sharing, they come closer together. So learn the viewers, the guests, but also Wim in a different way know.

Their final destination having to Wim and his travel companions do not necessarily have to achieve. Because Columbus is not a travel program, and also no avonturenprogramma. It is a program about to relax and enjoy. “Columbus is also not hit where he wanted to get,” says Wim Lybaert. “He was looking for India but found America. And a new world went open for all of us.”

The travel companions of Wim are Hilde Crevits, Mathias Coppens, Lieve Blancquaert, Wouter Deprez, Els Pynoo, Marleen Merckx, Jef Neve, Filip Peeters.

The series starts with a introductieaflevering. Therein we meet with the Columbus, and the guests of Wim.

Nine weeks long, from Tuesday 10 april to 20.40 you. on One.

The good life on wheels
The Columbus continues to build on The good life, the previous program of Wim Lybaert for One. This time he has no mini-earthly-paradise, but he designed his own top-equipped good-levenmobiel. The Columbus is a bus, but it is no ordinary bus. It’s the good life on wheels.

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