Wietze de Jager is expecting a son

e3b99e3efc2cc7ba7113e024a002eb3c - Wietze de Jager is expecting a son

Wietze de Jager and his girlfriend Lieke Field expected at the end of may a son. The two are already parents to a daughter, and made in november known again in expectation.

The Hunter is since 2015 married with Lieke Field (32), both working as a dj. The two got to know each other during Carnival FM on the Tilburg fun fair, and were then both working at radio station Qmusic.

The 29-year-old dj and television presenter went away in the radio station after an argument with co-host Mattie Valk. The two could not agree on a switch to another radio station, where Valk according to The Hunter behind his back would have negotiated a better contract.





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