Whales beaches en masse at coast Australia

f87293485fb3374a685f476a51eccda6 - Whales beaches en masse at coast Australia

SYDNEY – Australian rescue workers do their utmost to dozens of whale rescue on the west coast are stranded. It comes to about 150 kortvinnige pilot whales, of which about half is already dead.

The whales that stranded in Hamelin Bay, 315 km south of Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia. According to the authorities to try rescue workers are still about fifty animals on the beach, and 25 in shallow water back to the sea.

It is not uncommon that the whales stranded on the coast, as they migrate from the nutrient-rich waters in the Arctic region to the northern warmer seas to raise their young. But the number of 150 animals is exceptionally high.

The local population and tourists are warned not to enter the water, since the dead whales sharks are able to attract.

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