Ukrainian coupverdachte remains secure

f540fc3f5332c8fdb2af4bd22a5829bf - Ukrainian coupverdachte remains secure

KIEV – A Ukrainian court has decided that mep Nadja Savchenko 59 days in custody should continue. The authorities accuse her of a plot to the government to overthrow, message to the Kyiv Post.

Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko.

Savchenko was in Ukraine a heldenstatus during her imprisonment in Russia. The authorities suspect the former luchtmachtpilote now of a conspiracy to the parliament attack and president Petro Porosjenko to kill. The parliament decided Thursday the immunity of the politician to lift, after which she was arrested.

Savchenko announced during the plenary session in the hunger strike. She did that previously also during her trial in Russia. “I will be the Ukrainian people show the world what a real hero”, said the politician Friday. Savchenko denies not that they are off on the fall of the government, but says that the authorities of the conspiracy have manufactured to its discredit.

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