Trump draws reluctantly state budget

d3d0a83439a4e746349783c5c5e95434 - Trump draws reluctantly state budget

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has put his signature under the new state budget. Trump had hours earlier threatened to veto, and warned the Congress that he “never another law such as this” will sign.

“My main duty is to keep it safe from America. Nothing is more important than that,” said Trump in the White House. He stressed unhappy about “a lot of things” in the more than 2,000-page budget. “No one has read. It is only a few hours old.”

Trump had no secret made of his criticism of the budget, who, with the support of Democrats and Republicans has been approved by the Congress. The president wrote Friday on Twitter a veto to consider, inter alia, because the wall at the border with Mexico “is not fully funded.”

A veto of Trump had a new ’shutdown’. That means that non-essential government services are temporarily forced to close down. The threat to Trump a right of veto came reportedly as a surprise for his own employees and Congressmen.

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