Theo Maassen is going to make movie

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Theo Maassen is going to re-make a movie. That he told RTL Late Night. He has the film rights bought from Sputnik, the book of Martijn Neggers.

Theo Maassen

“It is very uncomfortable,” warned the comedian, and filmmaker. Sputnik is about a teacher from Amsterdam to Helmond moves. “If Helmonders somewhere a even greater hate than Locals, than Locals,” explains Maassen a corner of the veil on.

The teacher is not only in trouble because he is from the capital. “The whole street where he lives, has agreed not to participate in the Postcode Lottery”, Maassen further. That, the inhabitants have agreed, because it’s annoying if a prize is won, and there are residents who do not have played. The teacher knows nothing of that event and win just after his move in his own the street price. “Then it starts nagging and that goes from bad to worse,” says the filmmaker.

Maassen has the rights of Sputnik in hands and go together with how to tackle the film. The author lets on Twitter to know happy to be with the film adaptation of his book. It is still unclear when the film was released.

Theo Maassen made at the beginning of this year his directorial debut with the film Billy.

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